Video Production Executive

    01.03.17 | Communications & Multimedia

    Role Purpose:

    To take charge of and be responsible for the planning and production of videos for DUMC and her ministries, and be responsible for the operation and maintenance of all camera and video hardware and software.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Multimedia & Audio-Visual Director

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. To plan and execute all tasks necessary to the production of video footages as required and directed by DUMC including but not limited to preparation of scripts/storyboards, video shoots, post-production editing and final delivery. This includes assitance and collaboration with other departments and ministries in related tasks.

    2. To be fully responsible for the planning, operation and maintenance of all DUMC Photography/Video equipment and to plan and carry out all relevant and assigned tasks in the Video Department.

    3. To set up, train and manage volunteer teams to assist in video production.

    4. Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time.

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