A Note from our Senior Pastor

Dear brothers and sisters-in-Christ of DUMC,

As Advent approaches, may I invite you to draw nigh to Him in a season of reflection. As we think about Christ’s coming to us yet again, let’s remember our own posture of coming to Him. Reflect on His grace, overflowing and sufficient; His faithfulness, new every morning; His mercy, extending forgiveness again and again...

But over and above these, I urge you to think about His love. His redeeming love made manifest some two thousand years ago as a baby born of a virgin, no less. Stepping into our world of madness and chaos, corruption and sin – He became a helpless babe. A King born to serve. God … born to die. Frankincense, gold and myrrh were gifts from the wisemen – a nod to His deity, kingship and priesthood. Hope, Joy, Peace and Love were His gifts to us then and now.

These gifts are ours to share as we come back to the simplicity of what it means to be church – to genuinely love one another. This Christmas, allow our love for each other testify to the love of Christ as He so commands us in John 13:34-35 : “A new command I give you: love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples; if you love one another.” I urge you to re-establish what it means to be family – that our homes will receive all and be a place of refuge for all. As guests walk through your front door, may they see Jesus in you, hear God in your conversations and smell the fragrance of Christ through your friendship. Then, as you wave goodbye, my prayer is that they bring Jesus with them so that this Christmas, they would recognise Emmanuel has come – through your kindness and hospitality. As you do so, may His glory that the angels heralded, ring true in your homes.

Blessed Advent.

A Note from DUMC’s Creative Team

Advent is a time for slowing down. A time for reflection and a time to pause … tarrying with the Lord, feasting over the Word. Linger long enough and you will find a banquet before you. And what joy to feed from the manger at this time of year. The reality of His incarnation fills us with the gifts of Hope, Love, Joy & Peace. God gifted us His Son. Precious. Priceless. Perfect.

How about you? Would you consider gifting of yourself this year?

Your time, a listening ear, a smile ... Simple, unsophisticated, elementary. Be candid, honest and sincere. It may sound basic and even unattractive; but wasn’t that the Lord’s way on earth? Communal and unpretentious. He gave of Himself to those around Him and to us who knew Him not.

This Advent, open your home, invite someone to sit and chat. Gather around the table, break bread together. As you do, let this season be filled with encouragement – given and received; overflowing with thankfulness – for the Son and each other. And may you find fractured relationships and friendships in your life mended, because He gave of Himself and loved us first. Let us be distinguished in our deep love for God and one another. Return to our roots of being a church.

As we open our homes to friends and loved ones this season, may you likewise remember to open your heart to prepare Him room – that He may enter in to fill you with a new birth into a living hope.

Blessed Advent.


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Last Thoughts

It won’t be Good News if we ourselves don’t shout it out! We really, really, really want to hear how this Advent season has impacted you! Please share it and send in pictures and videos of your experiences. May Jesus be glorifed! Soli Deo Gloria!