A gathering of the women in DUMC and the Klang Valley

When we acknowledge God’s supreme role in our lives and set our minds on Him, He enables us to be women of hope - Elizabeth George.

W2W enables women to live up to their full potential and do great things for God's Kingdom. It also provides women with a safe platform to connect with other ladies; to share and support one another's struggles and dreams.

New Mummies is an extension of the Women2Women community where new mummies or mummies with children below 6 years old connect, support, encourage and pray for one another. 



Follow the latest updates on Women2Women here.

Follow the latest updates on New Mummies here.

W2W Moments

Where ladies meet regularly for a book/video study and fellowship with one another.

W2W Encounter Weekend

A 3d/2n weekend away to reconnect and centre on God, along with lots of fun and laughter with the ladies.

W2W Essential Conference

A women-only conference that provides a broad platform for women to learn and connect with other women. Happens every other year.