Creative Arts

At DUMC, we strongly believe in reclaiming the sphere of arts for Jesus.

The Creative Arts ministries of DUMC are divided into Resonate, for worship and Punctuation, for productions. Both these ministries work hand in glove to achieve a high standard in arts for the Kingdom.

Head of Creative Arts: Pastor Gilbert Tan

When you step into Dream Centre for Weekend Celebrations, the overall tone you will find is one of celebration and joy, where we hold nothing back in worship of our God. The energy level is high. The music is loud. And our demonstration for God’s love is great because there is nothing else that we can do but to resonate His Name for all to hear.

Resonate encompasses 3 areas of the worship team, which are the choir, the band and dancers.

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The “Punctuation Ministries” serves as the creative arts arm of DUMC. It derives its name from the stage shows that are produced annually that tickles the mind, question the ideas and contemplates the ever increasing complex world around us.

It employs various genres like drama, song, dance and multimedia to inform the unshakeable truths, teachings and values of Jesus Christ to a world that needs it but often shuns it.