When we hear the word “resonate”, the first thing that we associate with is sound, music or frequency. Resonate according to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary means to produce or exhibit resonance or a message that strikes a chord. As believers, what we resonate must be from our source which is our faith and belief in Jesus Christ. It is through us that the message of Christ resonates aloud to others. As resonators (worship ministry members), we not only sing, play an instrument or dance over the weekend celebrations, rather it is our lives that reverberate Christ is what matters the most.

Choir & Band

The Lord inhabits the praises of His people and it is the responsibility of the music ministry to usher in His presence. According to Psalm 150, we are to praise Him with the trumpet, with the timbrel, with dancing, with stringed instruments… and the loud cymbals.

Our worship team consists of skillful and anointed singers and musicians who are responsible for facilitating fervent worship in our corporate services.


Jesus, in telling the story of the prodigal son included the dancing and rejoicing that followed the son’s return (Luke 15:25). The dance team is made up of skilled dancers, who have submitted their talents for God’s use. The primary goal of this ministry is to enhance individual and/or corporate worship through choreographed dance.