Family Life

Family Life is made up of ministries that is related to the growth and well-being of families. It represents various stages of life from courting to weddings and right up to parenthood.

If you are keen to be part of a ministry, do volunteer. We guarantee you’ll be blessed in return.

Planning a wedding can either turn your black hair into white or you might need many facials to take off the stress lines you have acquired. Worry not, for at DUMC, the wedding planning ministry comes to your rescue.

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Person-in-charge: Elizabeth Lee

Women are extremely precious to God and through W2W, women are able to discover their God-given potential, and unleash that potential to impact others. W2W also provides a safe platform for ladies to share their struggles and dreams.

Person-in-charge: Chris Kam

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The Marriage Course is a practical course for married couples to acquire the necessary knowledge to build a strong and healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime. Over eight sessions in a romantic setting, couples listen to informative and fun talks.

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Person-in-Charge: Adrian Chen

Preparing for a lifelong successful marriage is a process. PMC provides that process as a good starting point as we believe fire prevention is more effective and strategic than fire-fighting. PMC instills the habit of fire prevention.

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Person-in-charge: Chris Kam

We need to learn to be the kind of men that God wants us to be. Men Alive! seeks to provide that platform through talks, small groups and retreats. A safe place where powerful learning opportunities are available for ALL men, single or married, young or old.

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Person-in-charge: Pr Chris Kam