Pre-Marital Counselling

Pre-marital counselling is a course specifically for couples in DUMC intending to get married within 24 months. It allows the couple to be certain of their decision to get married and the person they are marrying.

  • 1. DUMC will be responsible and accountable for the welfare of any marriage she chooses to bless. Therefore it is important that a good foundation be set for the marriage. This station is explicitly for this purpose. DUMC looks beyond the wedding day preparation. Emphasis is on a life-long relationship that is both enriching and God-honouring.

    2. It allows the zone pastors to know the couples that are tying the knot. It allows the pastoral staff to give a personal touch from the Church.

    3. It allows a counsellor-counsellee relationship to form so that an accountability structure is built into the new couple’s lives.

    4. It allows the couple to realise the need for pro-active nurture of their courtship and future marriage relationship, to correct any inappropriate biblical understanding of marriage and to equip them with the required tools to further enrich their lives together.

    5. It allows the couple to be certain of their decision to get married and the person they are marrying. Other possible outcomes of this station are a decision to postpone marriage until primary issues between the couple are sorted out, or a decision to not go ahead with the marriage at all.

  • The process is quite straightforward, and our resident Wedding Planning ministry will guide you along every step of the way. You will need to:

    1. Contact our Wedding Planning Ministry. You will be briefed about the whole process.
    2. Fill in the PMC application form and complete the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis test.
    3. Thereafter you will be called for an interview with your zone pastor.

    Exposure to Toddlers’ Ministry (Little Lamb)

    We expose our counsellees to the realities of parenthood by rostering them to serve in this ministry during celebrations for a minimum of 6 sessions. We hope the couple would take this opportunity to interact with the toddlers and their parents first-hand to gain insight into the realities of parenthood.

  • Couples will be guided through the course based on a book called “Before You Say I Do” by H. Norman Wright and Wes Roberts. In addition, couples will do the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment as it helps them understand each other’s personality better.

    Topics covered in the book are

    1. What is Marriage?
    2. Uniqueness and Acceptance in Marriage
    3. Love as a Basis for Marriage
    4. What Do You Expect From Marriage
    5. Goals in Marriage
    6. Fulfilling Needs in Marriage
    7. Roles, Responsibilities, and Decision Making
    8. In-Laws or Outlaws – It’s Your Choice
    9. Communication
    10. Conflict (or “Sound the Battle Cry!”)
    11. Finances
    12. Sex in Marriage
    13. Your Spiritual Life Together


    The minimum number of sessions is 14, but dependent on the counsellor’s recommendation and availability, it could be more. Most counsellors arrange to meet couples fortnightly.

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