Wedding Planning

The moment you say “YES”, you are on cloud nine, or cloud ten. After that, the planning of the wedding for the next few months can either turn your black hair white or you might need many facials to take off the stress lines you have acquired. Worry not, for at DUMC, the wedding planning ministry comes to your rescue.

From the arrangement of the chairs, the wedding march, the worship session, the sound system, floral arrangements, decoration, layout to the visual presentation, the ministry makes sure it is all in perfect order. You can literally hear the wedding coordinator say, “check, check, check”

Ten Questions About The Wedding Ministry

How did this wedding planning ministry begin?

It began with a passion to plan and to realise a couple’s dream wedding. It was also because many couples were unsure how to plan their church wedding.

What is the motto of the Wedding Ministry?

Making your Dream Wedding A Reality!

How big is the wedding team?

We are now a thirty-member strong team. Praise the Lord!

If a couple decides to get married in DUMC, what are the procedures they must go through?

Firstly, the couple needs to get the green light from their pre-marital counsellors. Then, the couple has to decide on a date and call the church office to book a wedding date. They will be provided with a copy of the Marriage Policy, Rules & Regulations governing the use of the Dream Centre Wedding Hall which they have to read through thoroughly.

Meanwhile, they will be referred to the Wedding Planning Ministry for assistance, guidance and
planning. The couple can then choose from various packages to suit their needs and requirements (the cost ranges from RM1,300 to RM3,000, depending on their budget). Included in all packages are two coordinators to plan and coordinate the whole event.

What are some of the packages being offered by the church?

There are four packages – Package A, B, C, D

All packages INCLUDE

  • Rental of air-conditioned Wedding Hall
  • Concourse 2 for Reception
  • Facilitators (e.g. wedding coordinators, deco, AV, support, etc)
  • Equipment (musical instruments, LCD projector, projector screen, microphones, sound system, computer for the visual presentation
  • Hall decorations (no fresh flowers included)

Packages B, C, D will include fresh flowers according to what the package allows.

However, for all packages, the couple has to provide people for logistics and helpers to put up the decoration (usually done two days before the event and the usual helpers would be the entire cell group – great way to fellowship!)

What if the couple decides to get married outside DUMC?

The wedding planning team is not obliged to be involved in the wedding of DUMC members outside the church. However, since it is a wedding affair, we will see how we can help, especially in cases where the couple has no one else to seek advice from. We will evaluate on a case by case basis.

The deco team did a fabulous job, where does your team get inspiration from?

Bridal magazines, art & craft books, deco magazines, visits to websites which feature floral arrangements, weddings or a simple visit to a hotel during a function may spur some to come up with
great ideas! So you can expect our designs to range from classics, simple, to modern designs – we keep up with the trends.

I heard you are looking for more people to join the ministry – can you tell us the profile of
the people you are looking for?

We are looking for people who are willing to serve others and can commit to tasks that are given to
them. They must be willing to learn, and be excited about the ministry and look forward to have
fun (yes, those who are already in it, can testify to that!)

Can guys join the ministry too?

Definitely, the more men, the better! There are only seven guys in the team right now, and we need more!

We will explain to them that this is not a feminine thing but that they should look at it as a means of
touching lives (be it the couple or sometimes their non-believing family, relatives and friends). Fun is 100% guaranteed!

What are five reasons the wedding ministry rocks?

1. No other church has such a ministry.

2. What we do definitely makes a difference and some people are awed by it.

3. We affirm one another’s gifts and talents.

4. We get to see beautiful ideas taking shape and becoming a reality.

5. There is fun, laughter and bonding as a team, despite the tears and sweat.