First Touch

First Touch represents the ministries of DUMC that visitors and regular members come into contact with as they step into the church. Whether it’s the ushers, security or traffic marshals, we are there to serve you with a large smile on our faces.

Head of First Touch: Adrian Tan

At the Visitors’Lounge, this is the place to find a friend and connect with, especially new people in DUMC. We can connect you with a cell group, a ministry, and God, of course! Coffee, anyone?

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Our smart-looking ushers in their bright jackets are almost always the first encounter everyone has with DUMC. Equipped with a radiant smile and a firm handshake, they welcome and show you to your seat.

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The Security Ministry within the church is of utmost importance, and we have a dedicated team who is always on call to ensure everything runs the way it should.

Our “Men-in-Black” are inconspicuous, ever-ready at events, and they serve fearlessly to ensure the safety of all and smooth flow of traffic.