Ushering in DUMC has come a long way. In the early days, we had 10 ushers per celebration per month, which increased to 18 ushers per team, serving on both Saturdays and Sundays per month.

When we moved to the Dream Centre, 4 teams were required, serving twice a month, either on Saturday or Sunday. The number of ushers per team on duty now varied from 20 to 30.

Ushering, in simple terms, means guiding people to their seats. As ushers are the first contacts with worshippers, they are required to be:

  • In their best attire (in red jackets that are provided) and appearance
  • Pleasant, tactful and courteous
  • Bold and serve with a smile

To ensure that the Auditorium is ready before the main doors are opened, the ushers’ duties commence one and a half hours before every celebration starts.

These duties are:

  • To be in the Auditorium to arrange the chairs
  • To be in position before the main door opens
  • To distribute leaflets to worshippers when the main door opens
  • Usher worshippers to their seats
  • Collect offering and count the attendance
  • For late comers, escort them to vacant seats
  • Be alert and act immediately when there are disturbances (eg, children running around)
  • Watch over the children in the Mothers Infant Room
  • During altar call, identify those who accepted Christ and accompany them to the front
  • Open all doors when the celebration ends

Besides the responsibilities outlined here, ushers are sometimes required to serve during weekday church events. This may pose a challenge to some ushers, though most are quite willing to sacrifice their time to serve.