• If you’re keen to go on a mission trip, you can check out our schedule and sign up here.

    If you haven’t signed up for MCPP-1 training, find out more.
    MCPP-2 is by invitation only, and upon completion of MCPP-1.

    Head of Missions: Pastor Kelvin Yong

    • STAGE 1: Interest

      Sign up for our Missions Candidates’ Preparation Programme 1 (MCPP-1) and discover more about missions with fellow Christians. MCPP-1 is an exciting two-day, stay-in training.

      Here you will find out what are “people groups” and the 10/40 window, besides learning about the biblical basis for world missions, spiritual warfare, personal evangelism, short-term missions and the call to missions.

      You will also get to do practical sessions like water baptism, conduct the Lord’s Supper, prayerwalking, spiritual mapping and intercession.

      After the MCPP-1 weekend, you can now sign-up for a short-term cross-cultural mission trip to Cambodia, China, Myanmar, Nepal or the interiors of Malaysia.

    • STAGE 2: Conviction

      On your return from a short-term mission trip, you may sense that God is developing you in the area of missions. You may or may not be going full-time as a missionary, but you want further training and preparation to maintain a fervour for missions.

      You can then join the Missions Candidates’ Preparation Programme 2 (MCPP-2).

      God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him”
      - Hudson Taylor

    • STAGE 3: Commitment

      Upon completing MCPP-2, you may want to embark on a slightly longer missions attachment from 1-3 months to “test” the field and your “calling”. You can join Mission Intensive Training (MIT) and be attached to a missionary overseas.

      Alternatively, you may want to explore tentmaking possibilities by joining the Tentmaking Training (TMT). This will take about 6 months (non full-time) and is designed to equip you to be a cross-cultural tentmaker. It covers biblical studies, mission studies, ministry skill and tentmaking preparations and development.

    • STAGE 4: Internship

      If after MCPP-1 and MCPP-2, you sense God’s call to full-time mission work and your pastor confirms it, what’s next? Come on full-time as a missionary intern for one year under the Missions Candidates’ Preparation Programme 3 (MCPP-3).

      You will now be required to undergo appropriate training courses selected by the Missions Pastor after discussion with you. At the same time, you will be assigned to serve in one of the zones to develop your pastoral skills, while continuing to lead short-term mission teams.

    • STAGE 5: Appointee

      You are now ready to answer your call to the mission field. Under the Missions Candidates’ Preparation Programme 4 (MCPP-4), you will be making the necessary preparation to go on a 2-year missionary assignment.

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