NextGen Teens & NextGen Campus

We desire to see teens and campus students step out & step up! To serve and lead using their strengths and giftings from the Lord, for the Lord.

DUMC NextGen ministry was formed to disciple teens and campus students towards being:

  • INTIMATE with Christ

    Growing an intimate relationship with God is the key behind our plans and programmes. DUMC believes in discipling and shaping a generation given to prayer, worship and the word of God.

  • INFLUENTIAL among peers (Our Walk with others)

    Every teen and campus student can be an influence to someone! From an intimate walk with God comes an influential life of active outreach and missions. Connecting and impacting others with the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • INTEGRATED within and outside the four walls of DUMC (Our walk TOGETHER with others)

    Integration is an intentional action of NextGen ministry. Here are some areas of integration:

    • Between Children’s Church, Teens & Campus Work
    • Between parents and children
    • Between pastors and congregation
    • Between Ministries and Leaders/Pastors of various ministries
    • Between churches with kindred spirits and vision
    • Between the individual and community at large

Our Monthly Meetings
Secondary school students gather on the last Saturday of every month at 2pm in the NextGen Space, Dream Centre, Level 2.

Campus CRAVE
Campus/University students gather on the last Friday of every month at 8pm in the NextGen Space, Dream Centre, Level 2.

Cell Groups

CGs fosters the building of relationships. There’s also planned discussions based on weekend messages and a series of teachings relevant to their respective age. NextGen Campus and NextGen teens take place throughout the week. They meet on Fridays and Saturdays, either in homes or in Dream Centre. Our CG gatherings are newcomer friendly!

If you want to find out more how to join a Cell Group, please click here to email us:

SOL Classes
Church wide SOL Classes are now designed with the next generations in mind. Teens and campus students are encouraged to take up 1-2 classes each year.

Prayer Meetings
NextGen places emphasis on church wide prayer meetings desiring to see generations pray with and for their generation. This happens every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from 8-10pm.

Contact Us
Head of NextGen Campus: Sara Leong 
Head of NextGen Teens: Terry Yeow 

Volunteer in NextGen

Children’s Church

We are influencing an entire generation, and the solid foundation starts here! We are dynamic, fun-loving and exuberant in worship, amongst other fantastic things. Come and join us weekly. We guarantee your children will have a great time.

Weekly celebrations: Saturdays, 2.30-4.30pm

Person-in-charge: Pastor Jonathan Yeoh

Volunteer in Children Church

Click here to download MAY’S Children’s Church Monthly Programme.

Click here to download JUNE’S Children’s Church Monthly Programme.