Senior Pastor says “Hi!”


DUMC is a multi-congregational church for all generations – an exciting community of families, senior citizens, young adults, teenagers, and young children, doing life together. If you’re looking for a church to attend regularly, we welcome you to join our family!

Apart from our Weekend Celebrations (services), we have Cell Group gatherings. These are informal weekly gatherings of 5 – 20 people in homes across PJ and KL. Typically, we’ll have time to worship, explore how the Bible speaks to real life situations, and even supper! It’s a relaxed atmosphere, so come as you are.

There are Cell Groups for mature adults, families, young adults and students. You’ll find a group that you can fit into and be blessed by! Click here to request for a Cell Group to be recommended based on your location of preference.

If you do join us in our Weekend Celebrations, please feel free to come by and say hi. I’d love to spend a few moments to talk and pray with you.

Chris Kam
Senior Pastor