Steps to Faith

  • We don’t personally know your need. But God does.

    You may have yet to know God. But He knows you.

    Becoming a Christian is not about being religious or ritualistic.

    It’s about being in a relationship with our Creator.

    A God who loves you unconditionally, filling up this ‘emptiness inside’ that money, sex, drugs, fame, power and even closest human relationships can’t ever satisfy.

    If you would like to have a relationship with God, here’s a very simple prayer which you can pray.

    • This will be the START of that relationship:

      Lord Jesus,
      I believe You died for my sins
      I am sorry for the things I have done wrong in my life

      Please forgive me. I am willing to turn from my way & follow Your way.
      Thank you that you died on the cross for me so that I could be forgiven and set free.

      I receive You now as my personal Saviour & Lord & invite You to manage my life from this moment.
      In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen!

      If you have prayed this prayer, Jesus Christ has now come into your life!

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  • Congratulations on your decision to let Jesus come into your life.

    We are thrilled that you have taken this step of faith!

    You probably have some questions about how to go on from here.

    We are happy to help you. Please send us the form below and we’ll email you our What’s Next kit to help you begin your journey.

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    Meanwhile… check out Alpha, a practical course on the basics of the Christian faith.