About IMPACT Now

As we stepped into 2020, we were challenged as a church to turn our focus outwards; to reach out and bless the nations represented here in Malaysia and beyond. With the launch of IMPACT 2020 and the tagline, ‘You, Me, The Nations,’ the call to GO was clear. The road maps were drawn up, opportunities lined up, travel plans underway and many geared up to go. Then, came the unexpected. The pandemic drove us to rethink how we can make an IMPACT in this new landscape.

The lockdown brought about unforeseen hardships to many individuals, families, and communities. The sense of safety from staying indoors were overshadowed by fear and uncertainty of the future, financial difficulties, mental and emotional stress, and for some, unsure about their next meal. Amidst these gloomy times, it was heartwarming to hear of many kind, selfless and courageous individuals reaching out in different ways to support those in dire need. Some delivered food packs to the needy, others bought groceries for their elderly neighbours, while many donated sacrificially to support those struggling financially; testament that everyone of us can make an impact, right where we are.

Motivated by His love for us, we want to continue to be a church who loves God and serves people in every season. We see wide fields of opportunities before us, where we, as a church can make a meaningful and lasting impact here in our beloved nation. IMPACT Now is a timely strategy to grow us as an outward-looking church who loves God, serves people, and makes disciples. The three-pronged strategy is this:


These projects are designed to meet the urgent needs of the communities around us in this time of difficulty. You are encouraged to take part together as a Cell Group (CG) in as few or as many projects as you like. A team of Project Leaders will be the key liaison personnel.

The Holy Spirit will empower you to be prayerful, be prophetic in your ministry and be creatively practical as you serve. Depend on Him and look out for how God will work in your own heart and those you reach out to!

The time to make an IMPACT is Now! Let us not lose sight - our mission to bless the nations remains though our methods may change. There is no pause in missions. God’s work continues, and people need Jesus more than ever. We, His people are here for such a time as this. Embrace His heart for the broken, the lost and the least. Will you obey His call?


Below are the strategies that we are using to achieve our IMPACT Now goal.


Adopt a refugee, asylum seeker, migrant group, or a special needs community

Goal: To connect with the respective community, identify needs and execute them together with the Social Concerns arm. The engagement is aimed to challenge CGs to adopt the communities in the longer-term, post project.


Community Ownership (Part 1: Neighbourhood Prayer)

Goal: To mobilise CGs to pray for their neighborhoods through Prayer Walk/ Prayer Drive.

Community Ownership (Part 2: Neighbourhood Outreach)

Goal: To further the ownership initiative beyond prayer into action; to practically meet the needs of the community identified. This is specifically for those who have done Neighborhood Prayer.

Local Church Engagement

Goal: Our outreach plans may look slightly different from what was initially planned. CGs are now encouraged to connect with the respective communities chosen prior, and establish relationships by praying for them and meeting their immediate needs


Funding existing Social Concerns projects

Goal: Challenge CGs to be stakeholders of existing Social Concerns projects through financial contribution. Projects will be given a unique name, and funding will be directed to Serve The Needy campaign.


Click on the links below to download the latest guidelines for the separate initiatives.

1. Guidelines for Serve the Needy

2. Guidelines for Bless a Community (Community Ownership)

3. Guidelines for Bless a Community (Local Church Engagement)

4. Guidelines for Fund an Initiative