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Early July 2020, a friend came and visited me at work. While we were talking, he asked if I knew of anyone with pain in their last two fingers. Told him that I do not know of anyone but that I did feel pain in my last finger. He said he saw a vision while talking to me, so he asked to pray for me. I boldly replied as such: "Then don’t just pray for my finger but my knee too!" After being prayed for, I felt bad that I did not feel any immediate healing. We then proceeded for lunch. Right after lunch, my friend asked to pray for me again. I thank and praise God that after this second time of praying for me, the pain in my finger was gone! Though my knee did not experience healing at that point in time, I did not realize that God had not finished His work in me yet. At about 4pm, as I was walking, I realized that there was no longer any pain at my knee. All glory to our awesome Healer, Jesus! I am truly grateful for this wonderful experience with God!  


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