Advanced School of Leadership

LATEST: Please note that the requirements of this MBS programme have been changed. We will be updating this page as soon as the details are confirmed.

  • The ASOL-MBS Master of Ministry Programme (M.Min.) is a 30-credit hour course which is aimed at pastoral staff and lay leaders who need to upgrade their skills and qualifications. It is a practically oriented programme but one which is based on sound biblical and theological foundations. Those who complete the programme should be able to:

    Interpret the Bible adequately and apply biblical insights to effect holistic transformation of life.

    Upgrade their preaching and ministry skills.

    Reflect theologically and develop a biblical view of the world.

    The ASOL-MBS Certificate of Ministry Programme (Cert.Min.) is also a 30-credit hour course with the same focus and structure as the M.Min. programme. It is specially designed for those who do not possess the entry requirements of the M.Min. programme. As with the M.Min. programme, the course is designed to equip Christian leaders to be more effective servants of the Lord. Emphasis will be placed on sharpening ministry skills.
  • The M.Min. and the Cert.Min. programmes both consist of 10 courses each. Each course is worth 3 credit hours, and the whole programme may be completed within a minimum of 30 months.

    There are four core (compulsory) courses and six electives to choose from. You can enter the programme in any academic year as the four courses will be cyclic every two years.

    Candidates are required to complete this course within a six-year time frame.

    Entry Requirements

    Master of Ministry (M.Min.)

    • Be a born again Christian
    • Preferably be a pastor or a recognised leader of a church or Christian organisation
    • Possess a Bachelor of Theology degree or a university degree, or equivalent qualification
    • Experience in Christian ministry required

    Certificate of Ministry (Cert.Min.)

    • Be a born again Christian
    • Completed at least Level 2 of the School of Leadership (SOL) programme (for DUMC members)
    • Proficient in English



    Master of Ministry: RM300 per course
    Certificate of Ministry: RM200 per course

    Course Work

    Both programmes require 10 courses (30 credits) to be completed as per requirements below.

    A. Compulsory Courses (12 credits)
    1. Hermeneutics (Biblical Interpretation) – 3 credits
    2. Overview of an OT genre & exegesis – 3 credits
    3. Overview of an NT genre & exegesis – 3 credits
    4. Christian Doctrine for Today – 3 credits

    B. Electives (18 credits)
    Choose six elective courses from this list.

    • Christian Leadership
    • Introduction to Whole Bible (Biblical Theology)
    • Homiletics
    • Pastoral Theology & Ministry
    • Workplace Theology
    • Malaysian Church History
    • Christian Spirituality
    • Christian Ethics
    • Research & Writing
    • Marriage & Family Ministries
    • Pastoral Counseling & Care
    • Christian Missions
    • Ministering to Children & Youths

    Note: The student can enrol in any three-credit hour course run at the MBS campus (e.g. if one prefers to do more biblical studies than is listed in the core subjects).

    Format of Classes

    Each course runs for 30 hours, with the following schedule.

    Eight weekly evening classes (3 hours each), from 7.30pm – 10.30pm at Dream Centre.

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