Openings @ DUMC

We’re on the lookout for talents to join our team for one of Malaysia’s most dynamic and fastest growing churches.

You belong to a CG or on your way to finding a CG. You are passionate and good at what you do. You are not merely looking for an employment. In fact, you think that you can channel your gifts & talents towards building the church together for Him.

If this sounds like you, and you’d like to be part of something big for God’s Kingdom, we like to talk to you.

Join us for a great adventure!

Current Positions

  • Accounts Executive

    Role Purpose:

    To assist Accountant in accounts and treasury matters in church and other related entities.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Accountant

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Supervision role on DUMC accounts/ partly other companies

    • Making sure the payments are in time thus ensuring smooth running of the operation of the church, CES ministries and buidling managements.
    • Assist in ad-hoc or emergency case related to accounts
    • Assist in trouble shooting outstanding bills and follow up on most miscellaneous cases related to finance.
    • Assist in making sure directors signatories for payments as well as for audit reports and secretary related documents.
    • Oversee petty cash disbursements, advances & ensure they are properly accounted for.

    2. Financial Reporting and Budgeting

    • Involved in the preparation of final accounts at every financial year end to be submitted for auditing and making sure the information is according to the requirement of accounting standards and company accounting policy.
    • Assist the Accountant in compiling draft budgets during budgeting period.
    • Involved in making sure the actual performance and spending of various departments are in line with budget or forecast.
    • Handling exchange of foreign currencies for office usage in general.

    3. Prepare Financial Report

    • Prepare monthly zone report for DUMC
    • Prepare offering chart.
    • Consolidation of accounts for DUMC, CES & DC.

    4. Administration support related to finance as well as general

    • Admin support for AGW and other fund raising related event.
    • Assist the admins at most in house conferences and seminars.
    • Admin support for office front desk and info counter

    5. Offering and Collections

    • Liasing with members and various project treasurers in terms of collections/ offerings
    • Part of the offering counting team
    • Making sure cash/ cheque collections and offerings are banked in and accounted for.
    • liaising with members in terms of receipts related enquiries.

    6. Assist in process development

    • Assist the Accountant in any implementation related to finance process development.

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  • Accounts Asst cum Cashier

    Role Purpose:

    Responsible for providing scheduled support to the Accountant, in all administration support related to finance/accounts.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Accounts Executive

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Reconciling finance accounts
    2. Maintaining spreadsheets
    3. Preparing statutory accounts
    4. Handling and writing cheques
    5. Receiving and processing all invoices, expenses and requests for payment
    6. Verifying calculations working with Accounts system
    7. Managing petty cash transactions
    8. Bank deposits
    9. Administration support related to finance as well as general

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  • AV Executive

    Role Purpose:

    To take charge of and be responsible for the planning, operation and maintenance of all DUMC’s audio-visual equipment.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Multimedia & Audio-Visual Director

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Fully responsible for maintenance of all fixed and portable AV equipment, musical instruments, cabling, facilities, systems, etc.

    a. To identify and diagnose problems to the facilities and systems. Hands-on repairs and fixing of minor problems.
    b. To coordinate maintenance and repair activities by vendors, scheduling of preventive maintenance, opening and locking up of premises and monitoring of maintenance activities. Monitor returns of equipment sent out.
    c. To provide technical assistance, support and trouble shooting to Dew Crew and other ministries teams, such as AV Reproduction, AV Recording, lighting.
    d. To provide technical assistance, support, setting up and packing up of equipment and facilities to all events, training sessions, meetings within and outside the premises.
    e. To manage equipment, instrument, facilities and systems inventory.
    f. To train, equip, guide and coordinate handling of AV facilities and systems of all the ministries and departments. Supervising and monitoring various users or groups of users actually using the equipment, instrument, facilities and systems.
    g. To assist in the development of appropriate training programs, including sourcing external resources of training programs and/or trainers for technical trouble shooting and maintenance, for sound science, for skill, for operational competence development, etc.

    2. Any other duties and responsibilities as assigned from time to time.

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  • Communications Executive

    Role Purpose:

    You are a digital-savvy, organized and creative person. There are two primary purposes for your role:

    1) To ensure that assigned communication projects and campaigns are well-executed. Planning, prioritizing tasks, along with quality control are activities that come naturally as you support the delivery of assigned offline and online communications activity.

    2) Build and implement digital content plans to ensure appropriate messaging is executed online to support the church’s vision and plans.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Communications Manager

    Key Accountabilities:

    1) Campaign planning and managing.

    a) Create, organize, plan and implement effective communications messages and strategies to church and community audiences.
    b) Ability to plan and manage campaigns till execution. You will be responsible in coordinating campaigns between stakeholders, creative team and ministries.
    c) Project management skills a must.
    d) Serves as air traffic controller for the assigned ministries and projects, keeping communications requests on time and on budget.

    2) Digital content management.

    a) Create digital (including social media) strategies to defined objectives and plans.
    b) Implement and manage plans.
    c) Plan digital content calendar.
    d) Coordinate and manage social media posting with internal team and volunteers.
    e) Write copy for social media posting, blog posts and web.

    3) Copywriting.

    a) Research and use critical thinking skills to analyze problems and evaluate solutions in assigned projects/campaigns.
    b) Generate ideas and approaches to problems in assigned projects/campaigns
    c) Plan digital content calendar.
    d) Coordinate and manage social media posting with internal team and volunteers.
    e) Write copy for social media posting, blog posts and web.
    f) Develop key messages for projects/campaigns.
    g) Write, edit and proofread copy for both offline and online communication materials.

    4) Branding.

    a) To check that all artworks are align with DUMC branding.

    5) Content creation for stories.

    a) Keep ears open to stories of life-change within the church. Develop ways to creatively communicate those stories via video, interviews, social media, etc.

    6) Website content management.

    a) Part of the team responsible for maintaining and updating the website content on a regular basis.

    7) People management

    a) Coordinates and/or trains volunteers.

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  • Executive Assistant

    Role Purpose:

    Provide administrative support and assistance to the Senior Pastor’s office.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Senior Pastor’s office.

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Administrative Support

    a. Prepare and edit correspondence, communications, presentations and other documents;
    b. File and retrieve documents and reference materials;
    c. Conduct research, collect and analyze data to prepare reports and documents;
    d. Manage and maintain schedules, appointments and travel arrangements – developing itineraries and agendas;
    e. Arrange and coordinate meetings and events;
    f. Record, transcribe and distribute minutes of meetings.

    2. Correspondence Support

    a. Monitor, screen, review, respond to and distribute incoming communications;
    b. Answer and manage incoming calls;
    c. Receive and interact with incoming visitors;
    d. Represents the office in interacting with external parties, when required.

    3. Discretion

    a. To maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion at all times, especially when handling information.

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  • Geographical Zone Administrator

    Role Purpose:

    The role focuses on providing administrative support to the English District & Geographical-Zone of DUMC.

    Reporting structure:

    Direct report to: District Pastor
    Number of direct reports: NIL
    Number of indirect reports: NIL

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Administration support for District & Geographical-Zone
    • Provides administrative support for English District & Zone Pastors in the support of cell groups and RELATE system.
    • Provides administrative support to geographical leaders for leaders’meetings and events.
    • Responsible in keeping the Cell directory up-to-date.
    • Provides administrative support for English District cell group placement for new comers.
    • Provides administrative support for English District Holy Communion weekend.

    2. General office administration
    • Involves in general administrative functions such as Information Counter and administrative support for church-wide conferences and duties.

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  • Graphic Designer

    Role Purpose:

    You are aesthetically driven. With a desire to see ideas come to live, you will be supporting the Communications Manager to put concept into visuals. You are detailed in your work, and will seek to understand the needs of the project/campaign before making design decisions.
    As the graphic designer, you will work on a variety of communication materials, such as website graphics, social media graphics, posters, corporate communications, etc. The work demands creative flair, up-to-date knowledge of industry software and a professional approach to time, costs and deadlines. You are very familiar with using Adobe Creative Suite of products, including Indesign.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Communications Manager

    Key Accountabilities:

    You may need to manage more than one design brief at a time and typical activities include:

    1. Project meetings and preparations

    a. Meeting the Communications Manager, Communications Exec or ministry volunteers to discuss the project
    objectives and requirements of the job
    b. Estimating the time required to complete the work and providing quotes where needed

    2. Ideation & designing

    a. For campaigns, you will work to a brief agreed with the Communications Manager and will develop design ideas
    based on the Creative Brief. Where relevant, you may also be required to come up with creative ideas and
    b. For stand-alone jobs, you will be required to produce the Creative Brief.
    c. Thinking creatively to produce new ideas and concepts and presenting finalised ideas and concepts.

    3. Others

    a. Working as a part of the team of other designers, copywriters, executives, videographers, etc.
    b. Be responsible to liaise with volunteer designers where applicable.

    4. People management

    a. Coordinates and/or trains other designers in the creative team, including volunteers.

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  • Office Front Desk

    Role Purpose:

    To represent DUMC office at the front desk and to provide excellent first-hand interaction experience to both internal and external customers in a manner that is aligned with DUMC core values and philosophy.

    Candidates with professional secretary certification or trained secretary are encouraged to apply.

    Reporting Structure:

    Directly reports to: Chief Operations Officer

    Number of direct reports: -
    Number of indirect reports: -

    Key Accountabilities:

    1. Office Front Desk
    a. Manages the daily administrative operations of the Church Office Front Desk in accordance to the core values and philosophy, in line with the Church’s vision and mission.
    b. Being the first contact person representing the Church Office.
    c. Provides ongoing review and oversight of administrative functions, procedures and policies of the Front Desk, preparing recommendations for improvement as needed.

    2. Other responsibilities.
    a. Assist in the bookings of all equipment and room facilities of Dream Centre for the church and all subsidiaries and related organisations.

    3. Procurement
    a. Assist in the procurement process as well as the purchase of all equipment, goods and services for the church and all subsidiaries and related organisations.

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  • Video Production Executive

    Role Purpose:

    You are a storyteller via videos—be it for testimonies, promotional videos or event coverage.
    Though you are taking on the role of a videographer, director, producer and editor, you will be focusing on post-production editing; both offline to online. Your role includes visual effects editing. Together with another Video Production Executive, you are responsible for overall planning and production of videos for DUMC and her ministries.

    Reporting Structure:

    Direct report to: Communications Manager

    Key Accountabilities:

    1) Planning and execution of video production

    a. To plan and execute all tasks necessary to the production of video footages as required and directed by DUMC. This includes the preparation of scripts/storyboards, video shoots, post-production editing, and final delivery.
    b. Assist and collaborate with other departments and ministries in related tasks.
    c. Makes technical and creative decisions regarding such elements as appropriate lighting, shooting angle, placement, and type of microphone audio needs, locations
    d. Serves as creative liaison to the technical production team.
    e. Ensures consistency and relevancy to production; edits and assembles final visual/audio program material.
    f. Monitors the technical quality of end product
    g. Determines adequate resources needed for production.
    h. Coordinates work activities of production crew during taping.

    2) Hardware and software management

    a. Oversees the security, operation, and maintenance of equipment utilized in shooting and editing.

    3) People management

    a. Coordinates and/or trains other videographers in the video production team, including volunteers.

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