Let the reality of pain and suffering move us to prayer and action

Psalm 46 provides a dramatic picture of swirling trouble and chaos, as though the whole foundations of the earth would break apart and as though the seas would destroy the mountains. In the midst of this, the Psalmist calls the people of God to go to God for refuge and strength, acknowledging that He is their only dependable source. With the promise that God would inhabit His people, the people of God can stand strong, God being their helper.

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Nourished by the Bread of Life

“I AM the bread of life.”

This is the first of seven ‘I AM sayings’ of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. It was said to the crowds who sought after Jesus after experiencing His miracle of feeding the five thousand (John 6:1-13).

These ‘I Am sayings’ were specific revelations of who Jesus is, drawing from Exodus 3:14, where God revealed Himself to the Israelites as ‘I AM WHO I AM’. I AM describes a God who is completely sufficient in Himself. He stands ever present and unchangeable. In using ‘I AM’, Jesus was alluding to His own divinity.

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