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What are Adult Groups?

The biggest age group is in adulthood. From the 20’s to beyond 50’s, adulthood is where many of life transitions happen—work, dating, marriage, parenting, losing loved ones, caring for ageing parents, etc. The great thing is we do not have to walk alone. Find a community where you can get connected to.

What can I expect from joining an Adult Group in DUMC?

Know about Jesus

Get to learn deeper and intimately about Jesus, through discussions, sharing and teachings.

Connect and Grow

As stated inProverbs 27:17 proclaims:As iron sharpens iron,so one person sharpens another”, we learn and together, sharing and be accountable to one another in love

Mentoring & Accountability

This is part of discipleship within your group, where you'll journey together and grow together in faith.

Find a group that suits you

Frequently Asked Questions

Why have Adult Groups?

Adults too have different seasons in their lives that they go through and different needs. Thus we have different adult groups for different seasons of individuals.

I am not a believer, can I join an Adult Group?

As any of our activities and groups, even if you’re not a believer you are welcomed to join us.

Where do I begin?

You may begin by joining one of our cell group which is nearest to where you live. That way it will be easier geographically for you to join, or which adult groups you are interested in to join.

Where are meetings usually being organised?

Some meetings are held in homes of the group leaders, sometimes they rotate to whose place is available, sometimes its at dream centre. Do check with the group leader to know where you are meeting.

How do I get the latest updates?

Latest updates can be found on our website, or from your group leader.

Join An Adult Group

Come join any of the groups according to the season you are in. If you are a single woman, a career woman, or a homemaker, do join W2W. If you’re a guy, by all means join MenAlive, and whatever season you are in, you’re a click away to find the answers you are seeking in life. Join us now!