05.19.22 | General

    This position is responsible for all facets of Human Resources (HR), including employee relations, performance development, learning and development, compensation and benefits; with compliance to Provincial and Federal Laws.

    Directly reporting to: Chief Operating Officer

    Key Accountabilities

      • Implement and monitor overall HR Strategy and ensure alignment with DUMC Vision and Mission. 
        • Review HR policies and procedures to align with current market trends and DUMC’s philosophy for ministry.
        • Support and implement overall HR plans and monitor for effectiveness.
        • Identify good practices and integrate them into DUMC’s HR strategy and plans.
        • Manage overall Human Resource functions to ensure compliance to DUMC and regulatory requirements.
      • Facilitate and support overall design and delivery of HR programmes to attract, retain and develop the staff of DUMC, including:
        • Talent Acquisition
          • Identify and source talent to enable DUMC to achieve its vision and mission.
          • Develop candidate branding strategy that communicates the values of DUMC.
        • Compensation and Benefits
          • Support the development of overall compensation and benefits philosophy that commensurate with DUMC’s approach to ministry.
          • Align and ensure consistency in the implementation of the compensation and benefits.
        • Performance Development
          • Review and monitor implementation of effective performance development initiatives.
          • Review overall objectives to ensure alignment with DUMC’s goals.
        • Employee Engagement
          • Develop, implement and monitor effective employee engagement programmes that build a healthy church office environment (corporate culture).
          • Identify and address employee relation issues that is aligned to the local employment conditions.
        • Learning and Development
          • Conduct learning needs analysis and identify competency gaps required for development.
          • Identify and facilitate core learning programmes that seek to build the core competencies.
      • Support the Senior Pastor and SPO in other related initiatives assigned, including: 
        • Organization development
        • Succession Planning
        • Specialised Development Programmes 

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