10.04.21 | Communications & Multimedia

    Role Purpose:
    You are a storyteller via videos - be it for testimonies, promotional videos or event coverage. Though you are taking on the role of a videographer, director, producer and editor, you will be focusing on post-production editing; both offline to online. Your role includes visual effects editing. Together with another Video Production Executive, you are responsible for overall
    planning and production of videos for DUMC and her ministries.

    Reporting Structure:
    Direct report to: Communications Manager

    Key Accountabilities:
    1. Planning and execution of video production
    a. To plan and execute all tasks necessary to the production of video footages as
    required and directed by DUMC. This includes the preparation of
    scripts/storyboards, video shoots, post-production editing, and final delivery.
    b. Assist and collaborate with other departments and ministries in related tasks.
    c. Makes technical and creative decisions regarding such elements as appropriate
    lighting, shooting angle, placement, and type of microphone audio needs,
    d. Serves as creative liaison to the technical production team.
    e. Ensures consistency and relevancy to production; edits and assembles final
    visual/audio program material.
    f. Monitors the technical quality of end product
    g. Determines adequate resources needed for production.
    h. Coordinates work activities of production crew during taping.

    2. Hardware and software management
    a. Oversees the security, operation, and maintenance of equipment utilised in shooting and editing.

    3. People management
    a. Coordinates and/or trains other videographers in the video production team, including volunteers.

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