09.02.21 | Communications & Multimedia

    Manage DUMC's web presence to ensure websites are functional, user-friendly, visually pleasing, and up-to-date, as well as collaborating with managers, designers, writers, other departments and individuals.

    Directly reporting to: Communications Manager

    Key Accountabilities

    1. Determine DUMC’s website needs and requirements, and coordinate with the relevant parties on ensuring that the necessary are met.
    2. Build and test aesthetic, functional, and user-friendly websites.
    3. Implement and ensure website security and data protection.
    4. Maintain, update, and optimise servers, as well as monitor and analyse site performance.
    5. Update website content, attend to user comments and complaints, and facilitate customer service.
    6. Create digital strategies, plan digital content, and, implement and manage plans.
    7. Coordinate, manage and write copy for social media posting, blog and web posts.
    8. Coordinate and train volunteers in the web field.

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