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The Object of the Boys’ Brigade is: “The advancement of Christ’s kingdom among members and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness.”

Beginning in 1883, a young Sunday School Teacher, Sir William Alexander Smith had his idea: ‘Drill and Discipline‘ when he found that the older boys were bored and restless. He compared this with the time he spent on a Saturday afternoon, as a Lieutenant with the volunteers, when he had no difficulty in making a hundred men obey his every word of command on the nearby drill ground.

Boys’ Brigade in Malaysia started in 1946 and has since been recognised by the Ministry of Education and is also an affiliate member of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Malaysia. Now in its 140th year, BB Members acquire skills and knowledge in various aspects of Leadership, Survival, National and Global Awareness and Community Spiritedness.

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In DUMC, we work with young people who are between 5 and 19 years of age from both Government and International School and currently consist of six (6) companies

9th Petaling Jaya Company
DUMC Tamil Congregation
Parade Time: Sundays, 12pm – 3pm
Location: DUMC, Dream Centre
Captain: Mr Ganesh

12th Kuala Lumpur Company
Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International)
Parade Time: Saturday, 8am – 11:30am
Location: Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur (International)
Captain: Mr Nicholas Yeap

1st Sungai Buloh Company
ELC International School (Sungai Buloh & Cyberjaya)
Parade Time: Tuesdays – Senior (Sg Buloh),
Wednesdays – Junior & Senior (Cyberjaya),
2:40pm – 3:30pm
Location: ELC International School Sungai Buloh & Cyberjaya
Captain: Mr Jonathan Benedict

2nd Sungai Buloh Company
Wesley Methodist School Bandar Seri Coalfields
Parade Time: Wednesdays, 9:30am – 10:30am (Junior),
Thursdays, 9:00am – 10:00am (Senior)
Location: Wesley Methodist School Bandar Seri Coalfields
Captain: Mr Matthew Wan

Qosmo International School (On Trial)
Parade Time: Mondays, 3:30pm – 5pm
Location: Qosmo International School, PJ

Glory Academy International (On Trial)
Parade Time: Thursdays, 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Location: Glory Academy International, Cheras

DUMC English Congregation (On Trial)
Parade Time: Sundays, 2pm – 4pm
Location: Dream Centre, DUMC

Being part of the DUMC family, we plan to impart such values to future generations as well as expand past horizons to spread the ministry beyond the few current companies founded across the country.

Interested to join us as a member?

What can I expect from joining Boys' Brigade?

Through the awards program, Members will be exposed to various adventurous activities and programs which aim to achieve a balance of fun and excitement while also learning skills such as leadership, teamwork and survival.


Drill, Physical Training, Expedition


Sports, Games, Trips


Badgework & Life Skills


Bible Study & Devotion

In addition, the Boys Brigade offers opportunities for exposure and skills development, through leadership development courses at the State and National –level, competitions and community service projects. Members will also be able to achieve the Duke of Edinburgh Award following our recent affiliation with the program to integrate their BB achievements with that of the Duke of Edinburgh Award requirements.


We are always looking out for volunteers who have a passion and desire to mentor, inspire and disciple children and young people and impact their lives both spiritually and physically. Most importantly, we hope to have volunteers who are able to relate to young people and over time, become adults that they can trust and talk to.

If you are interested to join us, contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a member of DUMC to join the Boys’ Brigade?

No, anyone between the ages of 5 – 17 years old are welcome to join the Boys’ Brigade.

I have joined other uniform units in my school can I still join the Boys’ Brigade?

Yes, you are still welcome to join us as long as you have the passion and desire!

Are there any fees to join?

Fees vary from company to company as such it would be dependent on the company you join.

Are girls allowed to join the Boys’ Brigade?

Yes, girls are allowed to join the Boys’ Brigade!

Do I have to purchase the uniform before joining?

No, you do not have to purchase any uniform before joining the Boys’ Brigade.

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Contact us

Head of Ministry (Boys’ Brigade)
Mr. Nicholas Yeap: +6016 205 4801