Connecting children from ages 2 to 12

At Children’s Church, we want to raise a generation of Kingdom-minded children. As these children grow to know and love Jesus, we help them to become a generation that transforms their homes, schools, society and nation.

That’s why we are intentional in the way we build the environment at Children’s Church. We have 5 sub-zones based on varying age groups or needs, so that every child can learn about Jesus at their own pace. Your children will be in a place where they can have fun, feel loved and be secure.

CC Live

Can't be at our location for whatever reason? Not to fret, we will there for you!
Just identify the right sub-zone below for you and your children and watch it there at the stated times. 

Monthly Programme

Download the July Prayer Calendar.

Click on a sub-zone to find out more information and the meeting times.