From the Missions Pastor

Dear church,

It has always been my heart’s desire to see the whole church mobilised for missions in our communities, in this nation and to the nations beyond Malaysia. Missions is a core DNA of our church and when Pr Chris shared about the idea of IMPACT, my heart resounds with what was shared. I saw that it was apt for us to think deeply and act appropriately as we celebrate DUMC’s 40th Anniversary.

In order to support the goal of IMPACT, we have set up a task force that has been working hard the past few months, to prepare what’s necessary to ease the process of reaching out for us. They will continue to do so throughout this year and the next, to stir the hearts of all members for missions. We have prayed together and identified the specific ministries that we would like to partner with, and I believe that God will do a powerful work in the places that you will visit, as well as in your hearts.

The purpose of this initiative is not so that we perform our duties in our respective projects for the sake of doing so, but my prayer is that we will catch the heart of God for the world, and partner with the amazing work that He is doing. Our missions mandate is to commission 50 full-time workers to the missions field. We are currently far from that goal. Perhaps by the end of IMPACT, there will be some among us who will be challenged to a full-time calling in missions. Stay prayerful and open up your hearts to whichever way God is challenging you personally.

I pray that as you browse around the site, God will challenge you to pray, sign up and GO! Pray for the missionaries and the ministries that are faithfully serving God in the hard places that they have committed to. Talk about your IMPACT project in your cell group, and sign up together to go where God has placed in your hearts.

For my final words, it is appropriate for me to invite you to step up in the way that we minister to God’s people. Be prayerful in every aspect, be prophetic in your ministry, and be practical in your giving to God’s people.

God bless you.