DUMC Opens!

The time has come! Our doors are opened and we cannot wait to welcome you back! Due to the current times we are living in, Celebration will look and feel different when you return. The government has also issued standard operating procedures (SOP) for mass gatherings to ensure that everyone remains safe and healthy. As we comply with these SOPs, there are a few things for us to take note of when we return to our in-person Celebration.


Do note as well that many of us will need to continue participation via the online church platform. Please read below so that we will be well prepared and will know what to expect once we gather. 


Saturdays 5.00pm | Dream Centre, PJ

Sundays 9.00am | DUMC@Puchong

*both these Celebrations will be live-streamed as well


We welcome all members, friends, and families to join us. However, to comply with government SOPs, entrance to our in-person Celebration will be based on one ticket per person. As there will be a cap for the number of people that will be able to attend, tickets will be issued based on first come first served basis. You will only be allowed into the building if you have a registered ticket at hand. With that, do register for a ticket only if you have confirmed that you will be able to attend.

If you meet any of the below mentioned, 


we will not be able to admit you, following the SOP set by the government. Please continue to join us via our church online platform.


1. Register for a ticket here.
*Note: one ticket per person

2. Print a copy of the ticket or have it ready on your phone

3. When making your way to church, wear a mask (at all times)

4. Have your sanitisers with you



  1. Maintain the 1 metre social distancing rule at all times.
  2. Refrain from offering hugs and handshakes
  3. Make full use of the sanitisers around the building
  4. Be patient as you stand in line to enter the church building
  5. Ushers will be there to greet you
Once in line:

1. Scan MySejahtera

Please ensure that your Health Status on MySejahtera is updated,
to reflect current test results or contact with confirmed Covid cases.

2. Scan temperature

3. Show vaccination status

4. Scan your ticket

5. Receive a sticker

6. Sanitise

Please follow the instructions from our ushers at all times. Once you have done the necessary, kindly be seated in the Auditorium (Main Hall at DUMC@Puchong), as guided by our ushers, and remember to wear your mask at all times!

When the Celebration is over, please do not linger in the Auditorium (Main Hall at DUMC@Puchong). Proceed to the exit doors and immediately make your way to your vehicles.





Can I choose my seat? Can I sit with my family? Can I book seats for my friends who are still lining up outside?

The Ushers will guide you to the seats as you enter. All seats are separated from each other. At this moment, we do not have family seating arrangements.

No booking of seats will be entertained. If you wish to be seated as a “group” (in the same cluster of seats), please check-in together so that you can be seated at the same time.

If we are coming as a family, can I just register once?

No, the ticketing is on a per person basis. You will need to book a ticket for each person individually.

In accordance with the relevant official SOP and the advice of health professionals, children under 12 years of age are not encouraged to attend in-person church Celebrations.

However if you would still like to have your child join you, please book a ticket for your child as well. If your child does not require a seat and they will be in their stroller, please still book a ticket.

Where and when can I book my ticket?

You can book your ticket here on the Tuesday (9.00am) before the actual Saturday Celebration. 

What time should I come?

Check in will start at 4.30pm (when doors open). Do come early as the check in will take some time.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

You may pass your e-ticket to someone else if you are unable to use it yourself. However, please note that the e-ticket is for a single entry at the specified service. Once validated, it can no longer be used for another person or another service.

Is the Dream Cafe and Village Coffee open? What about Canaanland?

Dream Cafe, Village Coffee and Canaanland will be open during the following hours:-

Dream Cafe:
Mon (Closed)
Tue - Sun (8.00am - 7.00pm)

Village Coffee
Mon (Closed)
Tue - Sun (8.00am - 6.00pm)

Sun & Mon (Closed)
Tue - Sat (10.00am - 6.00pm)

Can we fellowship together after Celebration?

Public health guidelines require the Auditorium to be vacated immediately at the end of the service. All worshippers are required to exit the Auditorium (Main Hall at DUMC@Puchong) promptly upon the conclusion of the service. Socialising among worshippers in the Auditorium is to be kept to an absolute minimum.

If you wish to speak to your friends, pastors or leaders, you may do so outside the Auditorium (Main Hall at DUMC@Puchong).

Will there be ministry / prayer time at the end of Celebration?

There will not be ministry time at the end of the service as we used to have. Your pastors and leaders can still pray for you outside of the service.

Alternatively, you may request prayer by writing in to .

Will there be parking in the compound? Is the gate to Symphony Square open?

Parking in the compound is on a first come first serve basis. The gate to Symphony Square will be open.

Are walk-in visitors allowed?

Only if there remain available tickets, that they can register for on the spot. The practice of not registering for a ticket and just walking in, is strongly discouraged. We cannot promise entry.

Will tithes and offering be collected in our in-person Celebration?

We encourage tithes and offerings to be given electronically via e-wallet or bank transfer. The details are the available on dumc.my/give.

Do I have to use MySejahtera?

It is the method of registration required by the authorities to enable rapid contact tracing if and when necessary. We encourage you to install MySejahtera, before you request a ticket.

MySejahtera classifies me as ‘close contact’ / ‘high risk’. Can I still come to the in-person service?

If you are classified as ‘high risk’ by MySejahtera after updating your health status on the app, we request you to join us online at dumc.my/live.

For individuals with the below risk status on MySejahtera:-
• Confirmed case - symptomatic
• Suspected case
• Close contact
• Person under surveillance
We ask that you take the necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. Please do a self quarantine of 14 days and observe your health closely. Do continue to join us at dumc.my/live during your self quarantine period.

Why is DUMC reopening?

The decision on whether to resume in-person Celebration was done through much prayer and deliberation. Following closely the SOP set by our government, DUMC is introducing the flexibility of having both in-person and online Celebrations.

Volunteers have the right to decide if they are comfortable to serve in-person during this season.

Can I still book a ticket if I am under 17 years old and have not been vaccinated?

For those age 12 and above, the official SOP states that you need to be fully vaccinated in order to attend our in-person Celebration.

For children under 12 years of age, relevant government SOP and advice by health professionals states that they are not encouraged to join any in-person Celebration. We advice that those below 12 years of age can continue to join us at dumc.my/live.




Note: Tickets will be opened for booking on Tuesday (9.00am) of the Celebration week