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Sermon Reflection - The Saviour Reigns

Posted by Natalia David on

I had a plan. From the first moment I knew God was putting me on the path of being a physiotherapist I knew what had to be done. So, I made plans and goals which I followed meticulously all throughout university. I worked hard against the odds, being an arts stream student, I put every fibre of...

Sermon Reflection - The Certainty of Hope

Posted by Wendy ML Tan on

“If you think it is heavy, then it will be heavy. Open up your wings. Spread them out. Let the wind lift you up. Flow with it.” I received this vision during the recent W2W Encounter Weekend.   The past two years have been a roller coaster ride. There were high points of...

Sermon Reflection - FUND: Giving of our Resources

Posted by Adeline Ting on

s a child, I spent most of my school holidays in my mother’s kampung, where everyone knows everyone, and everything is done together. The bond that they shared was a strong bond and they helped each other out willingly whenever possible. I would also remember that when we came back to the...

Good Leaders Delegate Wisely

Posted by Pastor Sara Leong on

In Acts 6, we see that the growth of the church was increasing so rapidly that the needs of the Hellenists (Greek-speaking Jews) were not being met, possibly because of the language barrier. The apostles recognised the problem that while there is a need to be met, they themselves could not be...

Sermon Reflection - BLESS: Giving of our Talents

Posted by Darren Lim on

As I write for this week’s sermon, I often find myself undecided as to whether writing is indeed a talent of mine. On one hand, I feel that my thoughts are expressed better through writing than speaking. On another hand, I fall into bouts of panic and self-doubt when it comes time again...

Sermon Reflection - SERVE: Giving of our Lives

Posted by May Ng on

I had some repentance to do when I listened to this sermon.  I have to confess that there are moments when the mere thought of serving puts me in a state of panic, and there are also times when serving propels me to a ‘spiritual high’ - panic, because of the constant fear of not...