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Across The Generations

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Every local church is the body of Christ
Where the young and the old, worship side by side.
No one generation greater than the other.
Only one is earlier, the other later.
The earlier offer wisdom; youthful bring valor.
One laid the foundation; the other looked further.
On the shoulders of the elders, the younger build the future
So why do we think that we don't need each other

Moses through the desert
Joshua across the river
One generation passing to the other
Moses on the mountain
Joshua into the Promised Land
One generation builds on the other
Moses to Joshua; Elijah to Elisha;
Paul to Timothy. One generation to another.

The experts speak of a generation gap
Where the young and the old, never overlap
But the God who is Ancient brings us all together
Into one family, all children of The Father
By the power of His Spirit, He has made us one body
And we need each other in order to be holy

Can we get past the clothes, go beyond the sounds
To the one place of our common ground
Where our sins were forgiven, both young and old
At the foot of the cross, let the story be told
Of the Saviour who died, his blood overflowed
that we might be one, a family whole

Reach out a hand to a brother or a sister
Younger or older, it doesn't really matter
Whatever you have, is precious to share
Across the generations, let us be there
reaching across the gap, say to one another
You are loved by your Father, let me be your brother

We are living for
The glory of the Lord
Hearts are open wide
We're ready for You
There's nothing we want more
You're all that we adore
Jesus here we are
Ready for You