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Be Ready for Christ's Return (Matt. 24:12-14)

Posted by Jerry Teo on

Jesus listed a lot of things that were going to happen, and we can witness that some have already happened in our present time. There were things for them to observe and understand as the time of His return draws closer. But it is not the exact time that Jesus wanted the disciples to...

Sermon Reflection - Jesus and the Seven Churches

Posted by Adeliyn Lim on

Being a mother is a job with no rest, especially those who choose to forgo their careers and choose to be stay-at-home mothers. I was reminded of this while chatting with fellow stay-at-home mothers recently.  We expressed how envious we were of husbands who had time to play on their phones...

Sermon Reflection - Jesus Christ: The Cosmic King

Posted by Wendy ML Tan on

It is ok not to be ok but it is not ok to stay not ok. Have I been ok?  Ever since the schedule for the new semester was released last year, I asked God whether I should sign up for 2 or 3 subjects. For many weeks, I did not get any answer from Him. So, I signed up for 3. I was allowed to...

Hide Me Behind Your Cross (Matt. 23:1-7)

Posted by Pastor Angeline Tan on

In this passage, Jesus warns the crowds and His disciples against religious hypocrisy. The teachers of the law and the Pharisees were primarily religious leaders for everyday life. Jesus told the crowds and His disciples to carefully obey their teaching about the Scripture itself. But He...

Sermon Reflection - Extraordinary Faith

Posted by Darren Lim on

Truth be told, I have been going through a challenging season in life when it comes to listening to the will of God. This in turn is affecting my prayer life as there is this prolonged feeling of what could be described as a dampened sense of God’s presence. Scripture is the very Word of...