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Obeying God One Decision at a Time

Posted by Wendy ML Tan on

In the 40-year journey towards the Promised Land, God made Israel into a nation by the giving of the Law of Moses, urging them to be careful and to heed His commandments. However, the Israelites were a grumbling lot who would craft their own idols and indulge in the pleasure of lives that were...

You Know Better than I

Posted by Paul Sebastian on

Joseph, was an extraordinary young man. He had a lot of things going for him. Gifted, A good education, loving parents who favoured him. Much to the chagrin of his older brothers, they were jealous of him, that they did what they did to him. He would’ve been no older than 20 years old when he...

When the Odds are Not in Our Favour

Posted by Pastor Adrian Chong on

Jacob’s journey takes him to the East where he finds Laban, his mother’s brother. He then begins working for Laban. After Laban asks Jacob what his wages should be, we read that “Jacob was in love with Rachel and said, ‘I’ll work for you seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.’”...

An Innocent led to Death on the Cross

Posted by Gabriel Ngui on

After being arrested, Jesus was held and brought before several parties for questioning. First, to the religious assembly, then to Pilate the Roman governor, then to Herod and the religious authorities in Galilee, before going back to Pilate for the final verdict. In these trials, Jesus was...