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Sermon Reflection - Game Over?

Posted by Adeliyn Lim on

Being Christian is one thing but being a good example is a tough subject to take on. It is one thing to know God and have a relationship with Him, but modeling it to others is a different ballgame. I personally hold this in tension as I grapple with the relationship I have with God, what I know...

Jesus the Ultimate Sacrifice (John 19:1-3)

Posted by Pastor Tan Meng Geok on

Christ shared our humanity, and yet maintained his divinity. In Isaiah 9:6, we are told, “For a child has been born to us, a son has been given to us”. And in the Gospels we are given an account of his birth. “A child has been born to us”, signified the start of Jesus’s humanity, “a son has...

Sermon Reflection - Mission in a Post-Pandemic World

Posted by Darren Lim on

The call at Missions Weekend to intentionally reach out and share the Gospel has always been my least favourite topic. While I acknowledge the responsibility each Christian has to share Christ to the least and the lost, I cannot help but struggle with actually doing it. This week’s sermon...

Mercy and Restoration (Hosea. 2:21-23)

Posted by Michelle Lau on

The word “answer” was used five times in these three verses. The purpose of the original design of creation was for fellowship between God and man. That purpose was thwarted in the fall. The consequences of that rebellion have affected all creation. But here it speaks of a change in...

Sermon Reflection - Bye Bye, Babylon!

Posted by May Ng on

I must admit I like cute and pretty things.  This week’s sermon has prompted me to be careful with my eyegate, and to re-prioritise. I have been a big fan of Hello Kitty since I was young. Hello Kitty merchandise in Malaysia were few and far between over three decades ago, so I would...