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The Snare of a Forbidden Romance

Posted by Petulia Lun on

Samson is part of the fabric of God’s tapestry. He was an important example of unfulfilled potential. Although Samson did great things for God, we can only wonder what he might have done or been for God. But despite his sin God still moved behind the scenes and used Samson for good. Though God...

We are Saved for Relationship with God

Posted by Darren Lim on

Earlier in Ezekiel 36:17-19, we learn that God had scattered and dispersed the Israelites among the nations because of their evil conduct and actions. He poured out His wrath on them because they had ‘shed blood in the land… and defiled it with their idols’. God appointed Ezekiel to tell these...

When God Calls, He Enables

Posted by Prudence Tay on

Israel had been oppressed by the Midianites for seven years because they did evil in the eyes of God. Despite their disobedience to God, He loved them, saw their suffering and set about His plan to rescue them. Along came Gideon, a man who was the least in his family, from a clan which was...

Pass It On

Posted by Pastor Allan Leong on

We read in Exodus that the Israelites had been rescued from slavery and oppression in Egypt by the mighty works of God through Moses. They went through the 10 plagues and then later the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea. But the generation after Joshua has forgotten all these miraculous...

Obedience to God in the Face of Fear

Posted by Pastor Chris Manivannan on

Moses had sent the twelve spies, one from each tribe of Israel, into the land God had promised. He asked them to recce the place and to bring some of the fruit of the land. This would help them assess the situation of the people of the land they were to conquer, and to know how fertile was the...