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Everything for the Kingdom (Matt. 13:44-46)

Posted by Ling Yi Yang on

From the parable of the hidden treasure and the parable of the pearl of great value, Jesus teaches that the kingdom of heaven is of such great value, worth far more than all that the men had, that when they found it, they would be willing to sell everything for it, and the man in the first...

Our Good God (Isaiah 60:1-3)

Posted by Pr Chris Kam on

Isaiah had prophesied of peace and prosperity to come during a tumultuous time of rebellion of God's people. The nation had turned a deaf ear to God, offering meaningless sacrifices and committing injustices throughout the nation. God was not going to let them go on that. He would ultimately...

Good Leaders Delegate Wisely

Posted by Pastor Sara Leong on

In Acts 6, we see that the growth of the church was increasing so rapidly that the needs of the Hellenists (Greek-speaking Jews) were not being met, possibly because of the language barrier. The apostles recognised the problem that while there is a need to be met, they themselves could not be...

Living in Exile

Posted by Ding Ying on

While serving in exile, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were again pressured to worship a golden image which represented the pride and arrogance of King Nebuchadnezzar. When brought before the King, they remained ‘stubborn’ in their faith and would rather die in the fiery furnace than disobey...

Esther's Steadfast Spirit

Posted by Pastor Gilbert Tan on

Imagine that you are Esther from what we see in Esther 2. 1. Esther was orphaned. She did not have any other family members with her, other than her cousin Mordecai. 2. Esther was like her fellow Jews who lost their home and taken into captivity into a foreign land. 3. Esther was...

Living under Human Government

Posted by Eileen Wong on

In this pagan society, Daniel fought to balance his loyal service to Babylon with his ultimate obedience to God. Yet in spite of his disagreement with Babylon’s policies, Daniel gave his life to serve the nation. The book of Daniel is thoroughly political, revealing the power of God’s sovereign...

Faithful to His Promises

Posted by Pastor Kelvin Yong on

Hoshea was the last king of the north as God's judgement finally came upon Israel some 200 years after the nation was divided. This was however not caused singularly by Hoshea although he was definitely also a contributor. In fact it was said of him that he did evil in the eyes of the Lord but...