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God Judges out of Mercy

Posted by Esther Siew on

The people of Israel would have known from their parents and priests that, according to the Law, suffering and exile would be the consequences of living apart from God's way (Deut. 28). The prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Amos, reminded the people of this again and again. Though these...

No Darkness Can Hide God

Posted by Debbie Loh on

King Manasseh of Judah led God’s people astray, and they sunk into idolatry and injustice. Manasseh’s actions were heinous—he installed idols of the gods of Canaan in the holy temple of Jerusalem. Manasseh’s actions were monstrous—he burned his children according to the practices of the...

The Servant Who Did Not Know God

Posted by Pastor Kee Sue Sing on

A series of terrible kings ruled Northern Kingdom of Israel without a break. One evil, rebellious king after another leading God’s people deeper and deeper into rebellion and idolatry. And when we compare Jehu (the 10th King) to the other kings (18 in all) of Israel, we see that he was the best...

The Quiet Presence of God

Posted by Pastor Mike Ngui on

In chapter 18, Elijah had just proven himself to be prophet of the Lord, Yahweh. Yahweh reveals Himself in consuming fire in response to Elijah’s prayer. Elijah then kills all 850 prophets of Baal. He then prays for rain and the drought ends. He supernaturally outruns King Ahab’s chariot to get...

Seek Good, Unbiased Counsel

Posted by Adeline Ting on

In earlier chapters, we read of how Jeroboam fled to Egypt and stayed there until Solomon’s death (1 Kings 11:40). After Solomon’s death, Jeroboam returned from Egypt to appeal to the new King Rehoboam to lighten the yoke that King Solomon has put on them on behalf of the people (1 Kings...

Solomon's Remarkable Request

Posted by Andrew Chua on

Imagine being the newly minted King. King Solomon, was offered as it were, “a wish of a lifetime”. Solomon could have asked for anything, instead he asked for a discerning heart. What would you ask for? And what would that be?

A Clean Heart

Posted by Pastor Jonathan Yeoh on

To ancient people, the “heart” often referred to one’s inner thoughts and conscience. But today we know that it is the brain that does the cognitive functions that gives rise to emotions. Nevertheless, expressions of emotions are often referred to as matters of the heart, because of the emotions...

Fear God and Wait for His Perfect Time

Posted by Jerry Teo on

After King Saul died, it took more than 7 years for the whole nation of Israel to accept David and anoint him as King. The transition of leadership for David to take over Saul didn’t go smoothly as it involved a lot of political factors and strategy. It was a complex situation but never too hard...

Let God Contend for Us

Posted by Phaik May Ng on

Goliath stood before the Philistines, taunting the Israelites to challenge him. King Saul offered a bargain of riches and his daughter’s hand in marriage to anyone who would defeat the giant. David, just a shepherd boy at that time, took up the challenge.

God's Will and God's Way Come Together

Posted by Timmy Lai on

As Saul’s story progresses, we can observe that he is never able to own the wrong he has done when it is pointed out to him. In 1 Samuel 13, Saul was told to wait for Samuel before offering sacrifices to God and initiating a battle with the Philistines. He didn’t listen, however, and bulldozed...