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I had a bloated stomach after having dinner with my family. I took medicine that night, but the condition did not improve. For the next three days, I suffered from gastric pain.

At this time, the church was going through the three-day fast and prayer. My faith was challenged because the gastric meant that I couldn’t fast, but I persisted in fasting. On the last day of morning prayer, I was ill and still felt the pain of my gassy stomach.

During worship, I pleaded God to heal me from the gastric and stomach bloating. Right at that moment, I heard God say, “I am the Jehovah Rapha, your Healer”. At that moment, I felt a warmth come on my head and move down to my stomach area. Praise God! The gastric and my sick feeling was gone instantly. I thank God that He heard my prayer and delivered me from the pain. Glory be to Him!

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