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About seven years ago, a vision was given to me by a pastor, saying that my life was a ‘vineyard filled with ripened grapes, which were ready to be harvested’. That prophecy was spot on because at a time, I was moving towards a job with better prospects, with a girlfriend that I loved. True enough, in the next two or three years, I got married and had a loving wife, an established career, a fully-renovated house which I was ready to move into.

Unfortunately, I got retrenched. In that moment, I still hung on to the vision that was prophesied over me, trusting God to see me through. God was there to see me through those difficult times and provided me a less stressful job- but the catch was that I was paid a third of what I was paid previously. I was starting from the ground up. As the years went by, my faith in that vision diminished.

Late last year, I began to question God. Although God has been able to provide for my every need, my income and career never reached the place it was at ten years ago. As my age was catching up on me & plans to start a family hadn’t begun; along with having no clear career path, I began to worry. I asked God, but He was silent.

Last week, I thought things were getting better when the pain in my right knee healed miraculously after casting out the spirit of infirmity. Yet right after I shared that experience with my mum, my wife’s watch stopped working. The next day, after sharing the experience with a friend, my watch stopped working too. Right after that, my wife told me our tenant couldn’t be contacted for rental payment.

I felt in my spirit that something wasn’t right, so I asked my CG to pray for me. Our CG leader, Ong Che Hing, released words of encouragement, telling me not to worry and saying that God would see us through.

The next day, when Senior Pastor Chris Kam preached about eagerly seeking spiritual gifts, I felt the powerful presence of the Holy Spirit, with tears coming down my cheeks- it’s a deep desire of my heart to be able to listen clearly to God and to have conversations with Him. When Pastor Chris did the altar call, my desire was so strong- I couldn’t wait. I rushed out crying out to God that I may earn this gift. My tears become so intense that my whole body was trembling.

Pastor Bernard prayed for me, releasing his vision of God coming with a lawnmower, mowing away the grass and replanting beautiful flowers in the grass’ place. Immediately, I knew that that’s the answer I was seeking for. God was telling me that the ripened vineyard is no longer there, and that He now needs to mow away the overgrown grass and do replanting. That is a process that takes time, & I should be patient and continue to seek Him.
He also prayed for healing as well, without me having asked. I had back pain while standing during Celebration and had prayed for healing. The pain disappeared right after altar call ended. Praise the Lord! Amen.

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