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Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

chriselle koh

I would like to share a testimony of our Heavenly Father’s mercy, unconditional love and faithfulness in the lives of my husband, Calvin Leong Hoong Kin & I.

Our wedding was set on Saturday, 16th July 2016. After a year of preparation and completing our premarital counselling course with Dato YT Loh & Datin Cathy Loh, we were ecstatic, anticipating a wedding which would glorify Jesus and also honour our parents. As we were both a part of DUMC’s Worship Ministry, Resonate, both Calvin and I had been praying for a vibrant and joyful worship celebration on our wedding day too!

However, a sudden turn of events took place. I started vomiting for a few days and could not digest food or water. Calvin, my then-fiance, admitted me into the hospital on Sunday, 10th July 2016- one week before our wedding.

The next day, I was wheeled into the Intensive Care Unit for close care and monitoring. Doctors informed me that my kidney did not look good at all and that I was in a critical condition.

A few months earlier, I had surgery to have four fibroids removed as all of them were bigger than 5mm, with one compressing on my bladder. After that, I was on the road to recovery. Hence, I was bewildered by this sudden health crisis!

Both the gastroenterologist & general surgeon diagnosed me with acute kidney failure with creatinine (toxins in the kidney) levels above 400. Apparently, a normal person would require dialysis if their creatinine levels were above 200. My kidneys were not functioning. On top of that, my pancreas was infected, and scans showed small stones in the gall bladder. My intestine walls had adhesions and were blocked.

Pastor Gilbert Tan and his wife, Yukiko Tan came to visit me at the ICU. They prepared both Calvin and I for the worse case scenario- a signing ceremony at the ICU instead of a church wedding ceremony as originally planned. Pastor Gilbert said that Calvin was calm when they spoke about this.

Pastor Chris Kam and his wife, Stella Kam also visited me at the ICU on Wednesday, 13th July 2016 and spoke to the doctor. The next morning, Pastor Chris rallied for prayers for healing on my behalf, as there was a 3-day fast and prayer in DUMC that week.

Over the few days of the 3-day fast and prayer, the doctor’s reports started to show good news!

My creatinine (kidney toxins) levels dropped from 400 to 92. The normal range for these levels is 40-110.

My urea (another form of kidney toxins) levels dropped from 28 to 17. The normal range is 3-8.

My amylase (enzymes released by the pancreas) levels dropped from 300 to 150. The normal range is 20-98.

My kidneys started functioning again. All of these levels were continuing to drop. Through medication, the pancreas infection cleared and my intestines began to un-block themselves and work again.

That evening, the general surgeon who came to check up on me said, “Girl, I did not think you would make it when you were first admitted to the hospital, especially with so many organs in critical condition. Now, you are recovering.”

Cathy Loh dropped by the hospital to see me on Thursday evening, bringing a little teddy bear bride with a veil on it. She declared God’s victory and complete healing over my body and that I would walk down the wedding aisle on Saturday morning, in Jesus’s Name!

By Friday evening, the day before my wedding, doctors discharged me on a clean bill of health. I went home and started preparing for my wedding.

The next morning on 16th July 2016, I walked down the aisle to my groom, Calvin Leong Hoong Kin, on the arms of Pastor Chris Kam as my spiritual father. Hours earlier, Aunty Stella Kam, my spiritual mother, veiled and prayed over me, preparing me as a bride to begin a new chapter of my life with Calvin.

Pastor Gilbert Tan married us, accompanied by the loud celebratory cheers and hoots from our Resonate friends, cell group and family members present.

Thank you, dearest parents-in-law, family members, Resonate Ministry and DUMC friends, for all your precious gifts of prayer for us, as well as making our wedding a successful one. Calvin and I are truly grateful to you.

Also, special thanks to my husband, Calvin Leong for taking care of me tirelessly and meticulously while I was hospitalised. Most of all, his unwavering faith in God to see us through these circumstances was an encouragement.

Our utmost gratitude is to Jehovah Rapha (meaning “God is my Healer”). He healed me miraculously and gave Calvin and I a dream wedding come true. Indeed, our God is a loving, great & mighty God. He has turned water into wine, mourning into dancing. To God be the glory, honour & power, forever and ever!

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