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I had to attend a friend’s wedding on one Saturday evening and was unable to attend Saturday celebration, so I decided to watch the livestream instead. That particular week, Pastor Chris was preaching on one of the four things needed to love people, which was to value people. He challenged us to name three people in our lives and to be intentional with showing them value.

As I was praying for God to give me the three names, the name of one of my colleagues came to mind. I knew this name was given by God. She had this condition where she would experience chronic abdominal pain every month before her menstrual cycle began. She sought medical advice from both Western & Chinese doctors, but nothing helped.

One day, I decided to accompany her to visit a gynaecologist. When she came out from the specialist’s room, she looked very down & saddened with the news the gynae had given her. The gynae told her that there were multiple polyps in her uterus. She was advised to undergo surgery to remove the polyps. However, the procedure would jeopardise her chances to conceive in the future.

She decided to get a second opinion. Upon hearing this, I decided to keep her in my prayers daily. Every time I woke up, or whenever I started to pray, I would make it a point to always pray for her. I asked God to help her make the right decisions, to get a good doctor and for God to heal her completely.

My friend underwent surgery with the second gynaecologist she had consulted. After the surgery, the doctor said that miraculously, there were no polyps to be found in her uterus. Her uterus appeared to be abnormal because of excess tissue. The tissue was removed, and now she has a higher chance of conceiving!

When she told me what happened, I broke down and cried. I knew deep down inside that it was God who did the work of healing my colleague. Thank you, Pastor Chris, for teaching us how to honour others by valuing them. Praise God for His mercy, and for His miraculous healing upon my friend. This experience increased my faith towards Him as I now know that He is faithful & listens to our prayers.

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