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For as long as I can remember, I have been a practising Christian. However, it was more of a religion than a relationship with God back then. It was only during my later years in university and at the start of my career that I began to see God in my life and chose to have a relationship with Him.

I had a legal profession qualification exam to sit for. I was fearful and worried because the exam was known to have a very high and seemingly impossible passing rate. During my quiet time, God spoke Matthew 6:25-34 over me. On the same day at Celebration, Pastor Daniel’s sermon preached using the same verse. All this happened a day before my exam, but I went home with His peace and did the paper with confidence the next day.

On the eve of the day my results were set to be released, a deep fear gripped my heart and paralysed me. On that very same day, the pastor made an altar call for people who had a deep, paralysing fear. I knew it was for me, so I went out for prayer.

As I was being prayed for, the peace of God came upon me & I rested in Him, trusting that He was in control. That night, I slept like a baby and was completely at rest. It was so obvious that even a friend noticed it!

The next day, I went to collect my results. I was smiling with the confidence knowing that I had already passed my exam, and it turned out that I did! Praise God, for I passed my exam at my first attempt not by my might, intelligence or strength, but by His power.

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