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In line with IMPACT Now and the “Every Good Gift” series that we went through together with NextGen, my Cell Group decided to pledge a fund to organizations helping individuals who are needy in these challenging times.

As we read the news, we were burdened by stories of refugees suffering in refugee and detention camps. Some of their struggles were food and hygiene related especially for the women. We reached out to Refuge for the Refugees (RFTR) and we wanted to participate in their food and hygiene campaign. To our dismay, the deadline for the campaign was rather immediate and we were not able to meet the deadline. We decided to support RFTR financially instead.

In their knowledge of our desire in contributing to their work, a representative of RFTR introduced us to Manna Learning Center, an institution that works with refugee kids. Clothing was one of the ways that we could support them immediately. So I had the idea to get NextGen to gather clothes to give to the kids in the center. I held a clothes drive at my house and we packed and made sure that all the clothes given were in great condition.

On the day we delivered the clothes, the kids came down to help us carry two car loads worth of clothes up to their center. Seeing the smiles and excitement on their faces were all I needed to know how happy and excited they were. One of the correspondents that I contacted, Angelina mentioned that the lessons for the day had to be put on hold as the kids would be going on a ‘shopping spree’ to pick out the clothes that fit them. I also got word from Angelina that the parents of the children were very happy as well.

In this project, I learned that in these trying times, there are needs all around us, and nothing that we do is too small or insignificant in blessing the community around us.