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My name is Joy-Anne and I am 8 years old. I'm writing a testimony about how I found my missing watch. My watch was an expensive one, and it was a gift from my grandfather. One day at school, I took my watch off and left it on a bench before going to play with my friends. Later on, when we had to go back to class, I forgot to take my watch back. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised my watch was missing. I told my mum and started to cry. She scolded me for not being more careful, but then told me to pray and trust God.

The next day, I looked for my watch at the school field, in the classrooms, and in all the lost and found sections in school to see if my watch was there. I could not find my watch. I did this over the next few days, but still could not find it.

I talked to the teacher who was in charge of lost and found. She asked me to write down the details of my watch. Over the next few days, whenever an announcement was made for students who had lost their things, I would go to the office only to find that my watch was nowhere in sight.

I was very sad and started to lose hope, but my mother told me to keep praying and ask God to convict the heart of the person who could have found it.

It was ten days later when the same announcement was made and I went to the office again. This time, I finally saw my watch hanging in the lost and found cupboard! I told the teacher in charge and took my watch back.

My mum suspected that the person who took it must have felt convicted to give the watch back. I was so surprised and happy because I had started to give up hope before I found it. I'm very thankful that God helped me through this and answered my prayer.

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