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I attended a music concert for the first time. I caught many illustrations from God through the different parts of the concert.

As the musical featured animals, the music was composed differently for the different animal parts, like the squirrel and the butterfly. Then, I felt God tell me that when the music of my part was played in life, people would be able to see it and know that I am a Christian.

One part of the concert saw a cockroach standing on two legs and waving its cap in joy. Here, I felt God ask me whether or not people could see if I was rejoicing, despite the ups & downs in life. I often blame God the mishaps in life, asking Him for a smooth life with no heartaches. However, I realised that what matters is how we face these problems in life.

Of course, the dynamics of the music play a big role in any musical, featuring highs and lows; fast and slow tempos. Through that, I felt God explain to me that life can’t always be fast and high. God uses every part of our lives to mould us into becoming the person He wants us to be.

At one point, a piano and electone were played simultaneously. Again, God reaffirmed me that life is not a solo act, and that we need each other as we look to God for guidance.

All this was a reminder to me to play a song with my life where it is clear that God is present. It is a challenge, but I want to glorify God’s name with my life.

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