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We prayed for so many things for the last nine months on their behalf and never once did our God in heaven fail to answer. From their conception, to their delivery date, and even our desire for a natural delivery.

Boy oh boy, that last part was scary. The first one we thought was going to be a relatively easy delivery. She was head down and ready to go. However, after an hour, we were about to throw in the towel and c-sec them out. Anne wanted one more go before committing and baby #1 slid out nice and smooth.

The second twin? That was a rollercoaster. Her heartbeat started to slow down. The doc was about to wheel Anne to the OR for a c-sec when she made one last push. Then baby #2 popped out... with her placenta! The doctor was caught off guard and had to quickly grab her as she was coming out!

All praise to God Almighty.