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I climbed a tree a few months ago and felt some pain in my lower back from it. The pain was not intense, so I ignored it.

A few days later, I came down with a whooping cough that lasted day and night. They were loud, deep-chested and disrupted my sleep at night. Medication did not help it, and it lasted for two months. Because the cough was so intense, I began to feel a deep pain in my lower back, which later became so painful that I struggled to sit, bend down and stand up. I was in tears many times before God because the pain was so bad.

A few months later at Celebration, Pastor Chris made a call for people who felt a pull at their lower backs. It dawned on me that my pain felt more like a pull. I immediately walked up to the altar where someone prayed with me. I was slain by the Holy Spirit, but the pain was still there. Regardless, I continued to trust God for His healing hand.

A few weeks later, the pull began to disappear gradually, and now it is 100% gone! I can sit down, get up and bend my back without any difficulty. During this medication, I had taken zero medication. I give God all the glory because He touched me and healed me when I needed it the most.

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