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I accepted Christ in 2012 in a community church in Cheras. It was a good church, but in time, I felt like I wasn’t being fulfilled spiritually. I started to visit different churches in hopes that I would find one that I could call home. I could only stay in these churches for a couple of months before I decided to move on.

After a few months, a friend randomly asked me if I wanted to attend church, which was how I came to DUMC. When Celebration was starting, I felt the Spirit fill the hall! I continued to attend DUMC, enjoying the sermons and feeling my faith is strengthened.

I love how the pastors combined humour, content and substance in their sermons, making me hunger for more. The beliefs of DUMC were in line with mine, especially how the church doesn’t believe in putting people down and selling Christ like an ‘MLM product’. That especially convicted me to stay here, along with the season of the preaching on the Holy Spirit.

My faith has been stretched and strengthened as I attend classes and volunteer with the foodbank. With all this, I would like to share a testimony.

I have been unemployed for a few months now. I resigned from my previous job as I needed a proper break. I really managed to rest, as well as teach refugee kids for a month. I found it very fulfilling to be out of the rat race, doing things that mattered more instead of spending my time with big establishments. However, I still needed a job eventually. After many rejections from the companies I had targeted, I managed to secure an interview with an oil and gas company.

The process was overwhelming. It started with a phone interview along with a write-up. Next, the second round of the interview involved a case study. I have never had experience with oil and gas, nor have I worked with a company which had international standing, like this one did. Despite this, I managed to get the case study, against people who were more qualified than I was. I definitely did not bring myself through- I knew where I stood, and that my experience was not rich. All glory to God.

For the case study, I had to prepare for it like a test, so I studied everything that had to do with the company, oil and gas. I studied and prayed hard. When I got there on the day itself, I was so anxious that I couldn’t focus and prayed in my car for an hour before going in. God definitely heard my prayers though, and I was able to answer the case study questions- not from what I studied, but just what came out at that moment. All glory to God.

When I started telling people that I was in the second round of interviews for this company, everyone was surprised as the company was actually downsizing, cutting costs and retrenching their workers. I knew it was God’s work though- even I couldn’t believe that I got so far.

I was called in for the third round of interviews, and I was ecstatic! This would be the final interview, a face to face interview. The date, however, clashed with my trip to Perth. Again, God intervened and managed to let me visit my family in Perth and attend the interview.

I did some research online prior to the interview to get an idea of what to expect. Nerve-wrecking as it was, I pulled through! I felt like I was watching myself answering the questions that were thrown at me; it was all God! I felt great having gone through three rounds of interviews with the company when it was an achievement in itself to even be shortlisted. As I waited for the results of the interview, I had so much confidence that I would get it. God had already opened the door so wide for me, even rescheduling my interview date so that I could go. This job must be for me!

Alas, I got an email soon after informing me that I did not get the job. I was so disappointed, asking God why He did not shut the door when it was not for me all along. Why give me so much hope just to be thrown back down? My faith was shaken. I did not know what to tell the people around me when thus far, I have been telling them that everything was by His grace. To my non-believing friends, would this imply that God didn’t do a good job?

I spoke to a few of my Christian friends and family. My sister told me that through the strenuous interview process, God was showing me that this was not the best job for me. As I thought about it, I realised she was right. When I first got shortlisted, I couldn’t believe my ‘luck’. I realised, however, that the shortlisting process was so stressful! Through all that, though, God helped me pull through.

I might have also gotten a bit too hopeful about getting the job before the company had even confirmed it. As I look back, I see all the good that God has done for me, and how He has blessed me so far. It is true that my faith was shaken and that I was disappointed, but I know that I just have to continue praying and having faith. God did was best for me by showing me what the company was like, while stretching my faith. He is my Father- He gets to decide! Also, at least now I know that I am capable of going through hardcore interviews with God on my side!

I knew that I wanted to testify about this whether I got the job or not because the process was fully God. The feeling of God working through me is phenomenal.

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