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Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

Names (L-R): Steven, Bobby, Tjia-Yi, Jamee, Jonathan, Ivan, Jaedon, Jovin, Matthew

If you could act in a film to portray any character, which role would you choose to act in and why?

I would be Hollow Man like in the film because I can do something good in mysterious ways and help the poor anonymously – Bobby

I would like to play the role of Iron Man because he is a capable superhero who uses his armour and technology to defeat evil – Steven

I would like to play someone with a disability. It could be any disability. Like an autistic child or a blind person etc. I feel like such a character would require real versatility so that it would be a real challenge. Also, I would have to observe real people with real disabilities, and it would give me a chance to understand them more – Tjia-Yi

I would like to be Satine in ‘Moulin Rouge’. This is because the character’s love story is almost similar to mine. Most importantly, it’s a good production – Jamee

I would like to be an antagonist, one that either turns good or stays bad. I’m like a wild boy and like to do wild things (just not all the time). Doing something I have never experienced is one of those wild things I would like to do – Matthew

I would like to be Spider-Man because he is funny, humorous, geeky and powerful with a good heart. I think I am just like him. But I need to build more muscles and acrobatic skills – Jovin

I would like to portray Sherlock Holmes because he is such a witty character.  Fake it until you make it you know? – Jaedon

I would like to be Peter Pan because I want to be like him- happy, helpful and energetic and able to fly freely to anywhere I wish to go!! – Jonathan

Chris Evans in Captain America. Cause it will be a fun and exciting role as well as being able to wear a superhero costume and to be able to fight injustice in the world. It also examines the human heart and to know that we can stand up against bullies – Ivan