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Get to know the choir team from Choices, DUMC’S Christmas Production

Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

Names (L-R):
Top: Choon Ai, Aaron, Phoebe
Middle: Eve, Gabriel, Benny, Joseph, Priscilla
Bottom: Joseph, Ian

Adults – Which song would you choose as the soundtrack of your life and why?
Children – Which song would you choose as your favourite song and why?

The song I would choose is the song called ‘Count on Me’ by Bruno Mars because it reminds me of some of the best friends I used to have – Gabriel

I like ‘Jesus is Beautiful’ because He died on the cross and He loves me – Joseph Khor

‘Alive’ by Hillsong Young & Free because it makes me feel lively, young and free at heart internally and externally because of God’s unending love and the victory secured for me – Choon Ai

I would choose ‘Who am I’ by Casting Crown. Because the lyrics speak like how I am a nobody but still, God loves me. I always like to use my strength and I worry all the time, but the lyrics said “it’s not about what I have done but who He is” and “it’s not about who I am but what He has done.” The song also reminds me of my identity in Christ. Even though I’m not exceptionally beautiful, smart, rich or successful but I belong to Christ, and that’s sufficient. There’s nothing else to fear – Phoebe

Bethel – Have It All. This song speaks about surrendering and laying down everything to God and letting Him guide my life. Living life His way rather than my way – Aaron

My favourite song is ‘Sing, sing, sing’ because I love to sing God’s praise – Chloe

I like the song ‘Lean on Me’ because I have found hope in Him and I depend on God all my life – Ian

I like this song ‘Forever’ by Kari Jobe because it reminds me of Jesus’ death on the cross for my sin – Eve