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Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

Names (L-R):
Top: Valvet, Jonathan, Teck Foo, Priscilla
Middle: Terence, Allison, Khye
Bottom: Sarah, Joy-AnneTayla

If you had a chance to learn a new style of dance, what would you choose to learn? What’s the inspiration behind your choice?

I would choose contemporary although it is quite a tough style. I just like the expression and movements of contemporary dance – Jonathan

I’ve always wanted to do the waltz since watching ‘The King and I’ as a kid. Maybe some day my hubby and I can find the time perhaps in our golden years – Priscilla

If I have a chance to learn a new style of dance, it would be hip-hop.  I have been doing ballet for 14 years, and I want to learn something that doesn’t require me to be graceful and elegant – Valvet

If I have a chance to learn a new style of dance, it would be g-style popping. This kind of popping is different from my boogaloo style as it gives more powerful hitting on the beat. The inspiration comes from Chazz, a popper from Team VIBE, Philippines – Terence

I would want to learn B-boy because power moves look cool and they seem really satisfying to learn and pull off. My inspiration comes from watching dance battles from time to time or watching teams like ‘Kinjaz’ and ‘Quest Crew’. If not I may choose ballet just to relive my childhood times – Khye

If I have a chance, I want to learn contemporary/ hip hop because I feel that both of these dances are more expressive and I feel that I can utilise a combination of these dances with ballroom to help me treat my patients as I am a physiotherapist – Teck Foo

I would like to learn tap dancing – Sarah

I would like to learn ballet because of the pretty pink costumes – Tayla

I will like to learn either ballet, hip hop or ballroom dancing because I want to experience the moves and I think that it looks very fun – Allison

I would like to learn jazz or hip hop because maybe the moves can come in useful with my cheerleading stunts – Joy-Anne