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Posted by Yuen Yim Low on

Names (L-R):
Top: Colin, Jeff, Letitia, Andrea, Valerie, Chengrui
Middle: William, Pauline, Phoebe
Bottom: Robin, Shawn

If you could build anything, what would you choose? Assuming cost, technology and manpower are not an issue.

I would build the FLDSMDFR from ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ to end world hunger - Andrea

I would like to build a teleportation portal. Imagine going to Australia or Taiwan in a split second without needing an air ticket. Just state a GPS coordinate or think of the location and you are there! - Jeff

A time machine because I would like to be a better person than I was and I wish that those mistakes I made hadn’t come into existence. Yes, they were for the better, and I did learn from them, and God has taught me to see the beauty of it all. Nonetheless, they did leave scars that would, of course, stay with me for the rest of my life – Pheebs

I would like to build a small cosy cottage for a vacation to get away from the busy city life – Letitia

A car that can hover when I’m stuck in a jam and fly to my destination - Valerie

A waste shrinking machine as it would benefit the environment – Pauline

An engine that runs on water so that every single engine on the planet can run on free H2O, no need to pay for fuel again - Colin

A teleportation device so that I don’t have to wait for Dad to drive all the way to our family holiday destinations and we can be there in the blink of an eye - Robin

A flying house so that we can reach our destination faster without ever leaving our house - Shawn

I would probably build something for the community – to construct small houses for those in need. But I would need to develop the necessary tools required for constructing these houses - I-Vern